Monday, October 5, 2009

What a week!!!!

Hey all you lovely ladies!!!! WOW I just had an amazing week! Sorry I haven't updated this blog for quite a while.... but I was on VACATION!!!!!! WOO!

I had the chance to go on a cruise up the Canadian coast and New England. What a beautiful and fun trip! I had a great time!

Getting ready for the trip sucked a lot of my time away... and then of course I was away from the world of internet for a week while on the trip... and now I am home but BURRIED in laundry and catch up! Oh goodness! I wish I could burn my to do list!!! lol. Oh well. Such is life and vacation! You always need a vacation AFTER your vacation!!!

I will be back here and posting for you all soon. I really thought I would stay away from the computer when I got home.... but so far that hasn't worked really well! lol. I have LOTS of crafty ideas up my sleeve that are just begging to be posted... but they will have to wait!!!

HUGS to all of you who read my blog! LOVE YOU TONS!!!!

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