Saturday, January 30, 2010

The craving is back!

Well I am glad I didn't delete this blog!! For a while I did nothing with it.... now I can't seem to keep my hands off of it!!!! LOL. Guess the crafting bug bit me again!!

Here are the projects I have found today that I love!!

Valentines Surprise Crackers!

I think my kids are going to LOVE getting these for V-day! What a great (and CHEEP!) v-day gift! I have seen the party crackers tutorial before... but I love the idea of using them for Valentines!! Find this tutorial HERE on Lilly Cakes.

Dressed up Cork Board

I am in love with IKEA!!!! This is a tutorial that I love mostly because it uses a simple and cheep IKEA product!! WOOT!!! What a cute way to have a coark board!! They are usually so ugly! This is a fantastic idea! Get the tutorial HERE on Craftzine.

Earring Holder

This next project is one I may not do... but I still love the idea!!!! I am on the look out for great ways to hold earrings. I think this idea is fabulous but I really don't know where I would put it. So for now I will share this idea and keep hunting for something that will work for me! Find this idea HERE on A little of this, a little of that.

And last but not least a little up-date on THIS POST. This morning I came down stairs to find this in my family room....

AH HA!!!! Caught in the act, snuggled up in MY pink snuggie playing video games!!! He claims that it was just the closest warm thing and that it wasn't warm enough... YEAH RIGHT!!! He is so getting one for V-day!!! He wasn't happy about me taking the picture... and didn't believe me that I was posting it to the net! Good thing he doesn't read this blog eh!!! LOL

That is all for now. I think I will go clean my craft room today so I can actually USE it!!! Until next time...

H.H. Addict

Friday, January 29, 2010

Got me thinking....

So I have been browsing the lovely red and pink Valentines day crafts this morning. This is the SECOND Valentines day countdown project that I have found.

Now don't get me wrong.... I think this is an adorable advent calendar idea, but my thought was.... WHO counts down to Valentines day!??? Not me obviously. So I was thinking to myself... why in the world would you count down to Valentines day? Then the greatest idea hit me! Put a picture/idea on the back of each of these papers for a gift that hubby can get you for V-day! ROTFL!

Ok- it made me laugh. :) Anyway, I really do like this cute and easy idea. Find it HERE.
The idea is by Love, Actually but is posted as a guest blog on U create

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dare I???

So for Christmas I got a Snuggie. Yes- I acctually even asked for it! I WANTED ONE! And for the record... I LOVE IT!! My kids kept stealing it from me so I bought them some after the holiday and MAN those buggers are $$$! Someone suggested I sew my own... my answer was "HA HA YEAH RIGHT! I HATE TO SEW!"

Well since that time (what... like 2 weeks ago was it?) I have been giving my hubby a hard time that he should get one and join our Snuggie family! Secretly I think he kinda wants one... but he is with the majority of humanity in saying "those are so totally lame" and really thinking... I want one too! So I decided not to buy him one at the crazy price the store's charge for them.

BUT THEN- I saw this.... a post/pattern for a really easy Snuggie. Soooooo..... dare I make him one for V-day!?? I think it would be kinda funny and he would enjoy it.. even if he didn't admit to it! And really .... it is simple sewing... RIGHT????

So I am saving myself a link to the instructions HERE. Maybe some of you out there are Snuggie addicts too!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to craft!?

Apparently I am feeling the need to craft. I have spent only a few minutes blog hopping this morning and I am already in love with SEVERAL projects!!!! OIY. Maybe it is because I know how long my actual 'to do' list is and I am avoiding it with everything I have! Oh how I would love to spend the day in my craft room!! Ah well, life calls and must be answered. For now I will just have to be happy posting all these cute ideas here for my own personal 'later reference'. In the mean time I hope you enjoy them too!

We will start with my least favorite. lol.

Lace Votive Holder

I am sorta kinda not liking this idea 'AS IS.' I mean.... wouldn't lace sprayed with fabric softener be a bit flammable??? Here is why I am posting the idea anyway though. I think this would be cute used in other ways (and there is always the beauty of the electric votive candle). I would LOVE to do my daughters room in a modern Victorian theme. I think a string of these hanging on Christmas lights would be just adorable!!! Sadly I don't think Miss A. shares my love of the Victorian motif so it probably will never come to pass. Anyway, you can find the instructions to this craft HERE.

Next up - nice, easy, and festive! LOVE IT!

Heart Garland

I LOVE this idea! Totally easy, totally cute, and totally disposable!!! I am not into holiday decorating at the moment because I feel like I already have SO MUCH STUFF!!! I just used a good chunk of my storage space to put away the ONE ROOM of Christmas decorations I have! OIY. So this idea 'tickled me pink' because you could CHUCK IT IN THE CAN when V-day is over and next year have all new decor instead of the same 'ol same 'ol taking up space each year!!! My personal opinion of course! Any who, you can get the instructions for this HERE, on Serving Pink Lemonade. CUTE CUTE Site BTW!

Now these are my two FAVORITE FINDS!! I am all sorts of into creative storage these days! (yeah... did you read the paragraph above... can you tell that I am fighting with my storage room at the moment!!). These two ideas combine storage with decor, an idea that I am IN LOVE WITH!

Fabric Storage

How great is this idea!??? All your fabric out to see!!! LOVE IT! Of course if you had TONS of fabric this might not work so well.... but for me, who hates to sew but somehow seems to want to anyway, this is a great way to store my bits and pieces! And what a fun decor addition to the craft room!!! Get the EASY INSTRUCTIONS (that is my favorite part!!!) Here on Prudent Baby

And last but certainly not least.... my personal favorite (and unfortunately the hardest of today's great finds)
Game Board Storage!

Isn't this just the COOLEST IDEA EVER!!!!! Clear up a whole closet, have GREAT game room decor, and AWESOME functionality all at the SAME TIME!??? OH YEAH BABY!!! I AM "FUH-REAKING" out about this idea!!!!! Infarrantly Creative you ROCK MY WORLD! Get the great 'how to' for this project HERE. Now... to get my hands on a table saw.... OH KIERAN!!!!

Ok folks... that is all for today. I guess I have to go tackle that mountain of laundry now.... yay. Hope you have great crafty finds of your own to enjoy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Popcorn anyone?

Now here is a fun and cheep idea! I am thinking my family will be doing movie nights more often now that we are signed up for Net Flix. Maybe we could do this just for a giggle one night!

Find it HERE on Natalie Jost Designer Mom

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I wonder.....

..... if this would work at my house!??? I am tempted to try it!!!! What a GREAT IDEA!

I desperately need to get my kids motivated to do chores. I can't ever get myself organized enough to get that far though! At any rate I LOVE this idea!!!

Find it HERE at Shannon Makes Stuff

So on a side note....
Yes- I am still doing this silly blog. It is no longer the vision I once had of fame and glory, I have realized there are more important (and less time consuming) things in my life right now. I won't often be posting thing that are my own idea and design. When I do post things I have made there is not likely to be a tutorial with it. But the fact remains that I enjoy browsing the craft blogs out there for fun and unique ideas. I can't possibly remember them all, so this will be where I store links to the things I find most interesting. That way if I ever get ambitious I will have the links at hand an ready to go! In the mean time I hope you all enjoy looking at what I find every now and then. If nobody ever looks at this blog other than me... well that is ok. I think just the mere act of blogging about the crafts I want to do helps me not to run out and buy the materials for every single thing I see and like! It is a way to curb the addiction I can't support I suppose! LOL. Anywho.... that is what is going on with this blog. Just thought I'd let ya know!