Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did you notice I went missing!?

So my life is at a changing point (again). I started this blog because I have this little problem. I fall in love with a hobby, dedicate myself to it for about a month or so... and then I am bored and off onto something new. I thought maybe with a blog about just my current interest I could keep up with myself. Unfortunately the hobby of blogging has now dropped down on my list of 'fun' things to do with my time! Ah well. I will still be posting here, but it will mostly be for myself. You are still welcome to visit my corner of the craft blog world, but I no longer am trying to make it huge and popular. (at one point I had visions of a thousand followers, giveaways, and an Etsy store. Now my feet are back on the ground and I am trying to spend the precious little time I have left with my son at home.)

Any who.... enough rambling already! I want to make myself an advent calendar this year. Only problem is there are about a MILLION cute ideas out there! HOW DO I CHOSE JUST ONE!???? And then there is the problem of finding the TIME to actually MAKE one! At any rate here is a list of sites I found with cute ideas for advent calendars! Give em a look if you would like! Send me any cute ideas YOU have for cheep, easy, and cute advent calendars!

Thrifty Decor Chick

Craft Jr.

Glue Gun Crafts

Canadian Family




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