Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New year.... New crafts.... New obsession!

UGLY CRAFTS!!!!!!!! Seriously... THIS is a brilliant idea! A whole blog devoted to Nasty, Ugly, Horrid crafts!!! I bow to the master mind behind this blog!!!

Thanks Karli for sending me the link to Glitter Gone Bad. Really I have been laughing SO HARD since she sent me this link! I just had to share the chuckles! Some of these crafts I have seen.... some (VERY FEW) I actually think have potential, but for the most part, get ready to be WOWED by what the 'crafty' can come up with!

Oh.... and a word of warning... you may want to put the kid-o's out of the room before browsing this blog. Some of these crafts are on here because they are slightly REPULSIVE and extremely WRONG! Just use a bit of caution, unless you like explaining to your 5 year old why someone would crochet a giant naked woman giving birth........

With that said! GO ENJOY!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! May 2010 bring you joy, organization, and peace with who you are! (at least that is what I am hoping to find in 2010!)

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