Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hand towel apron!

AAACK!!!! Will somebody PLEASE remind me that I am NO GOOD at sewing!!!! I recently had a 'friend' fix my sewing machine for me! I really had no idea it was even broken! HA HA!! I took my machine to a group activity by request and my friends husband saw the trouble we were having with the tension on my machine. He came over and started poking around and VOILA! Who knew that he worked in a sewing machine repair department! I DIDN'T!!!! LOL. Every since then I have been ITCHING to get my machine out and see if it was really the machine... or me... that had trouble sewing! My craft room is a nuclear war zone at the moment though... so that must change first! In the mean time I just keep staking up MORE fun looking sewing projects!!!!

Ok- so on to the CUTE project I found! A HAND TOWEL APRON!!!!! When I cook or work in the kitchen I CONSTANTLY use a hand towel!! I am thinking that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this adorable apron!!!!

Find the fantastic tutorial HERE on A little of this and a little of that

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