Monday, August 31, 2009

Riddle for the day -

What do you get when you combine
(raggedy stools I got at a yard sale for 50 cents!)

With THIS?
(bundle of beautiful large flowers bought for $5 at a yard sale)

You get a
(and super cheep)
FLORAL DISPLAY for the corner of you living room!

I really just LOVE how this came out! When I was out perusing the yard sales I came across these lovely gems. I didn't really know WHAT I was going to do with either of them.... I just knew that I HAD to have them for such a great price! While cleaning my craft room out on Saturday this idea was born purely out of necessity! I needed somewhere for these lovely... yet VERY LARGE flowers to go while I figured out what to do with them! While pondering this the stool just jumped out at me and said "ME ME ME.... PICK ME!" I stuffed the flowers in between the support bars that are below the missing seat and VOILA... a masterpiece was born. Guess I now know why I had to have them!! Now I can stop racking my brain to find a good use for them!!!


Amanda, Jack, Corban, and Gabe said...

told ya so. ;) so glad! totally gorgeous!!! make me one! ooooh me ooooh me pick me!!!

HoleyCow Designs said...


sweets said...

I love it. when I saw it it was love at first sit. ok so not realy but its way good.