Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Word Thursday




I have LOVED doing this blog so far, and I am NOT about to give it up! I am finding however that all my great plans are requiring more time and effort than I had originally though. Well... no that isn't true. I knew this blog would take a good deal of time and effort, I just thought that I had given myself a great schedule to work it into. Life would have it though that I am using every second of my day and still coming up short! How annoying!!! Well at any rate, I am still going to do this blog and enjoy the distraction... but it will be less than I had originally planned. At least for now. Maybe I can get my life in control soon and dedicate more to it. I don't know how all you craft blogger's keep up!

Ok... enough whining.... here is a little something to keep you busy for a few minutes!

Splitcoaststampers has a great little tutorial for us on how to make paperclip bookmarks! SO EASY! I love easy.... I might even have time for this!!! LOL

I am actually starting a craft group and this is going to be our first months project. Maybe tomorrow I will blog more about that.... or next week... whenever I get to it! (right now I have a poopy bum to go wipe... don't you love potty training!)

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sweets said...

Is this what we are doing for tue? I love them. Im in.