Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swine flu got you down??

I have a little printable for you today! I made this little 4x6 graphic and thought I would share it. The Bishop of our LDS ward has been diagnosed with the 'swine flu' (H1N1 virus). The Young Women wanted to do a service for him and his family.

We didn't want to do just a boring old 'get well soon' card, so we came up with this. I ran out to the Dollar Tree near me and grabbed up a Signature Matte Kit. We are going to put this cute little piggy guy in the mat and then have all the girls sign it. We will then take it over to the Bishops house with a dinner that can be prepared at their convenience.

Ok- so I know the whole Swine Flu thing is kind of in the past. But apparently SOME people are still getting it! Anyway.. thought I would share with you, in case you need a cute 'Get Well Soon from the swine flu' card.

I made two versions... since I can't ever make decitions. I will let you decide which one you like best!

Feel free to tell your friends about this free gift but send them here to my blog. Please do not share these graphics from your own site, claim them as your own, or use them for commercial use. Thanks much! Hope you enjoy!


Diana (aka "knzus") said...

Tha's so ADORABLE! What a cute idea! I'm sure he'll enjoy that! :)

Andrea said...

Tina! I saw a link to this on oneprettything. You're famous!