Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finaly something made by ME!!!!

This idea was born because I needed a SIMPLE and CHEEP way to make a great Family Home Evening chart. This could also be used for chore charts! Really pretty self explanatory.. but I will give the instructions anyway.

A unique wooden shape for each person involved in your chart.
A wooden square for each assignment you will need. (I like to have as many of these as I have people)
Magnets with adhesive on one side
Sharpie marker


Take your unique wooden shapes and use the Sharpie to write each persons name on one of them. You can buy them pre-painted like I did, or get them un-painted and do them yourself. (might be fun to let your kids each do their own.)

Paint your wooden squares. When dry use the Sharpie marker to write an assignment on each square.

Stick a magnet on the back of each piece and put them up! You are ready to start using your chart!

The kids love to rotate the magnets each Monday after our FHE. Even Mr. B who can't read knows which shape is his. This cost probably around 5$ to make and has worked wonders!

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