Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Necklace and bracelet organizer.

LOVE LOVE this idea!!! My jewelry needs a new place to reside. My little jewelry box started over flowing just before I got into BIG and CHUNKY jewelry! Uh... yeah..... That doesn't work!! I have needed a new place to store my necklaces. I didn't want them hidden in a jewelery box though. I love most of my necklaces so much I wanted a way to store AND display them at the same time. Searching the web yielded this WONDERFUL idea!!!!

OOOH I CAN'T WAIT!!! Going shopping TODAY for the goods!!!!

find this great project over at Laughing Dasies

I do promise that SOON this blog will have things that I have actually MADE! Now if only I would spend more of my time MAKING instead of browsing the web for NEW projects! LOL. *Sigh*


sweets said...

I am so making this i need a place for my jewelry. so cute

Amber Larsen said...

so funny! i have this exact project saved on my StumbleUpon.com account! I printed it up and put it in my Book of Craftiness binder! Have you ever tried StumbleUpon? It is a search engine site that pulls up random websites based upon what you are interested in. I set mine to crafts/sewing. I will just sit and watch tv and click on the stumble icon on my toolbar and see what sites it brings up. you can rate them thumbs up or thumbs down and it saves the sites you like in you profile. too fun!