Sunday, July 26, 2009

I absolutely ADORE projects using old windows! I think my whole house would be FULL of old windows if I knew where to find them. Anyone know where you can pick up great old windows????

This LOVELY idea came from Wild Child. I am completely in love with this!


Amber Larsen said...

I have found a TON of widow panes at antique shops. sometimes they can be pretty expensive, though, because of the crafting phenom! (at least expensive in my eyes for someone else's junk!) Sometimes you can do a search on, too, and people are selling all sorts of stuff or better yet GIVING IT AWAY (check their FREE section). I see weathered wood scraps or fabric or other random things all the time for cheap and even free!

Diana (aka "knzus") said...

I have a window that we found in our basement when we first moved in here... one of those old ones that hung from hinges so many years ago. It's all sanded and ready to go... just sits in our shed year after year... thinking of shipping it to you and letting you do the work! LOL! ;)